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Made from LUCITE cast acrylic sheet

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The focal point of a well conceived bathroom is always the bath. The Renaissance designs on this website illustrate just how innovative and stylish your bathroom can be. The range has been created to suit all needs, from the regular rectangular baths through to more designer lead products leading onto a large range of showertrays and our innovative easy access bath and accesorries. Just as there is an art in creating a beautiful shape, so too is there an art in manufacture.

Utilising expertise from around the world we design and construct our own manufacturing equipment, employing state of the art technology to ensure the quality of the product that reaches you is undeniable. When it comes to judging the finished product there is no substitute for the human eye.

Meticulous inspection at each stage, particularly in the finishing and polishing area, combines art with the science of manufacture. Equal care is taken in packing so that everything arrives in the same pristine condition as it left us.

Only your eye is good enough.
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We endeavor to provide accurate information but product development may alter certain specifications