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The Renaissance designs illustrate just how innovative and stylish your bathroom can be. The range has been created to suit all needs.
So from spa baths to unusual shapes such as rectangular, corner, shower baths, or free standing baths, you will not have to compromise your bathroom design.


Renaissance offers an extensive
range of acrylic baths be it spa, freestanding or shower baths


Renaissance offers a range
of innovative easy
access baths


Renaissance offers a range
of power baths to the
carer market


Renaissance offers two
ranges of low profile
shower trays

Only your eye is good enough

When it comes to judging the finished product there is no substitute for the human eye. Meticulous inspection at each stage, particularly in the finishing and polishing area, combines art with the science of manufacture.

Our new range of freestanding baths at a glance!

New luxury bath designs have been added to our extensive range

Easy Access Baths Range

Renaissance has a new range of Easy Access baths

Valens easy access baths

This modern easy access shower bath gives you the choice to upgrade your bathroom to an easy access bath without losing the style and finesse that all people want to achieve.

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Talis easy access bath Main

Talis Easy Access Bath

An innovative design developed with white, black, red, walnut and oak panels to suit your decor (shown opposite). This bath offers the option of an ultra low threshold allowing you easier access.

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Easy Access Baths - The Lenis

Lenis Easy Access Bath

The Lenis is a modern Easy Access bath with a simple push button door opening system. The neat square hinges allow the door to open wide giving the bather good access into the bath.

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